Texas Two-Step Spelling

Providing Spell to Write and Read endorsed 

 training for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma


Carolyn Gibbens

Rhonda Bedee

Upcoming 2020 Seminars:

Online Seminar Dates (All Times are CDT): 

    ZOOM link provided after registration, about a week before the seminar

Basic ($150)—November 2-5, 2020, 4-Days 4 hrs/day 12N-4pm Central Time   

Wise Guide ($75)—November TBD

Intermediate ($75)—November-TBD*

CPE hours for Texas Certified Teachers.

Parents and Teachers

Are your children/students struggling with spelling (don’t we all)? Are your children about to begin their academic training? Do you want a spelling curriculum that also covers penmanship, reading, composition, dictionary skills and grammar? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Spell to Write and Read (SWR) curriculum and seminar are for you.

"I took this class in June, and I highly recommend it! Carolyn Gibbens and Rhonda Bedee are so knowledgeable and grace-filled! If you have any hesitation about diving in to SWR, this class will equip and encourage you to fully embrace and implement SWR. Carolyn and Rhonda go above and beyond, during and after the class to serve everyone who participates in this class. They are so accessible and continue to answer my questions and give me guidance. I feel so blessed to have found them! They have completely demystified SWR for me, and we're off and rolling!"

    —Sarah F.

SWR is inexpensive. The non-consumable materials (available for purchase online or at the in-person seminars), for levels K-12, are $105 (+ tax). 

The $150, 2-day seminar (8:30-5:30), or 4-day seminar (4-hours/day), will teach you how to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency in using the curriculum.

What would I get in the Beginning SWR Seminar?

A 16-hour introduction to the Spell to Write and Read curriculum, which includes:

• Spelling and Phonics as the foundation for writing and reading

• An SWR-endorsed trainer modeling how to teach, using Phonograms, Spelling Rules, and Spelling-Word Dictation

• Diagnostic assessment tools to determine where to start with your student

• Lesson planning and organization of the materials

• Adaptation ideas to craft the curriculum to each individual student’s abilities and to help deter dyslexic tendencies

• Addressing the needs of home educators, classroom teachers, and tutors

• A great springboard into SWR, according to many seminar attendees

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2020 Seminar Schedule

Online Seminar Dates: 

Basic ($150)—June 22–25, 4hrs/day 9am–1pm 

Intermediate ($75)—July 7, 9:30 am-5pm

Wise Guide ($75)—July 9,  Noon-6:00

Basic ($150)—July 14-17, 4hrs/day 9am–1pm

Wise Guide ($75)—July 20,  12:00-6:00

Basic ($150)—July 27-28, 8hrs/day 9am-6pm

Intermediate/Wise Guide ($150)—July 29-30, 8hrs/day 9am-6pm

Basic ($150)—August 3-4, 8hrs/day 9am-6pm

Intermediate ($75)—August 5-7*, 9 am-Noon

Basic ($150)—August 13-14, 8hrs/day 9am-6pm

Intermediate ($75)—August 19-21*, 2pm-5pm 

Wise Guide ($75)—August, 22,  Noon-6:00

Basic ($150)—August 24-27, 4 hrs/day 9am-1pm

Wise Guide ($75)—August, 29,  Noon-6:00

Investigating Spell to Write & Read, a Q&A with Endorsed SWR Trainers,

Via Zoom, Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 3:00 CDT

Special Live and Zoom Class, Intermediate PLUS, $75

Shreveport, LA, Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 12:30 until 4:30 CDT

Basic ($150)—November 2-5, 2020, 4-Days 4 hrs/day 12N-4pm Central Time

                                                                         * SWR Intermediate Seminar                                                                                                          for classroom teachers and home educators. 

                                                                INTERMEDIATE covers Steps 28-40 in Spell to Write and Read, 

advanced phonograms, and rules. 

Instructor is endorsed SWR trainer Rhonda Bedee.